Finance your Energy Project

We provide financing options for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that will help you save money and energy. Jumpstart your project today by filling out our application.

Loan Approval Timeline and Requirements

Loans < $100,000

Loans under $100,000 that meet the qualifications of our loan program will have an expedited underwriting process. Applicants need only submit a completed loan application for review. Approval process for loans under $100,000 is one business day.

     To qualify for the expedited underwriting, there are additional criteria for borrowers. Borrowers whose primary business is selling one or more of the following are not eligible for expedited underwriting and will need to submit all required documents for full underwriting:

Tobacco or Vaping Products
Fossil Fuels

A list of required documents for borrowers who do not qualify for the simplified underwriting process can be found on the application.

Loans > $100,000

Applications for loans over $100,000 will be reviewed using a traditional underwriting process. For loans between $100,001 and $250,000, most credit decisions are made within three business days following the submission of a completed application and required documents. For loans over $250,000, the approval process can take from three to 10 days.

Requirements for Loans Over $100,000

All loans over $100,000 have required documentation and information that must be submitted with the application for underwriting purposes. This includes:

  • Copy of project proposal
  • Last three years of business tax returns
  • Schedule of business debt
  • Quarterly financial statement

See the application for more details on the above and for other required information.

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