Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) is an independent, nonprofit 501 (c)(3) that assists energy users in overcoming educational, financial and regulatory barriers to a sustainable energy future: a future in which energy is harvested, converted, distributed and utilized in a manner that allows all to meet their energy needs now without compromising the ability of their children to and grandchildren to meet their needs.
SEF provides a variety of services including financing energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects; educating the leaders of today and tomorrow to create a passion for sustainable energy; and representing the interests of energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy in proceedings before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

You’ve seen the changes: more solar panels appearing in fields and on the roofs of homes and businesses; wind turbines being erected to generate cleaner energy; more energy efficient buildings being designed and constructed. When looking at these changes, it is easy to see a brighter, more sustainable future. What you may not see or think about is the lower energy bill associated. Those who are making these changes are also experiencing the savings that comes from investing in a sustainable energy future. It’s time for your organization to let Sustainable Energy Fund help you join this movement.



Sustainable Energy Fund finances energy-related projects to established commercial, industrial, municipal, agricultural and nonprofit entities. Our geographic focus is in the state of Pennsylvania.

We provide financing for renewable energy projects (e.g. biomass, solar, wind, etc.), as well as energy efficiency projects (e.g. building envelope improvements, HVAC, lighting systems, etc.).


Sustainable Energy Fund’s educational programs seek to increase the knowledge of and passion for sustainable energy in the leaders of today and tomorrow. Literacy in both energy and sustainability is crucial to the understanding and application of knowledge in making sound sustainable energy related decisions. SEF funds a variety of educational initiatives that raise public awareness of sustainable energy as well as provide topic-specific training for energy users, educators and students. 


SEF was founded in 1999 through a settlement approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission during the state’s electric deregulation proceedings. Since then, SEF has been a leading financer of sustainable energy projects and has greatly expanded its services with the goal of seeking a sustainable energy future.

Our mission is to promote, research and invest in clean and renewable energy technologies, energy conservation, energy efficiency and sustainable energy enterprises that provide opportunities and benefits for PPL electric ratepayers.